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G5AT - Mardave Atom Oval ESC

Base price £29.95

SMALL but Full of Punch and ready to Fight 

The Atom has a race stock motor limit, what this means is that you can use any, DC Brushed 540 size race stock spec motor.

The Atom is the perfect speed controller for anybody wanting to upgrade their old stock motor speed control in their oval car, for a no nonsense race stock limited, reversible electronic speed control allowing you to run race stock motors to the highest performance possible!

The Atom is the smallest speed control that was designed for the Mardave range with the help of some of today's leading Oval race drivers! It has been tailored to get the very best out of any race stock motor, giving you more punch, acceleration and performance than you will have ever seen before, on top of the increased performance you get from the Team Oval controllers software has been designed by Mardave race team, with the help of multi national winning racers, to develop the best feel and power for racing. 

On top of all the new features on the Atom, you still get all the usual protection you expect from a speed control! Motor stall protection, motor short protection and of course ................ they are 100% waterproof.

New Mardave Atom ESC Speed Controller . Built to Mardave Oval spec and not used by any other suppliers. the only speedo to have Micro tech Fets for punch and reliabilty

The Mardave Atom micro Tech Fets are exclusive to us and for Oval use . Works great in a 4 cell brushed saloon , 1300 4 cell Saloon , Banger , Rooky rods and F2's.

Very punchy and with full speed instant reverse .

Deans conrectors fitted and a spare Battery plug for free

Copied but never bettered

Technical Specification

Product Type Atom
Direction Forwards/Reverse
Motor Type Brushed
Motor Limit Race Stock
Battery Type NiCAD/NiMH
Lipo safe No
Operating Voltage Maximum 9.6 Volts
Set up Digital 1-touch
BEC 1.5A
Motor Short circuit protection Yes
Thermal overload protection Yes
Failsafe Built in
Dimensions L25.0mm x W25.0mm x H8.0mm
Weight 25.0g


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Welcome to Mardave

Welcome to Mardave RC Racing, the UK's number one 12th Oval RC car manufacturer!
Originally from Leicester, UK, Mardave produced the first ever RC modal car kit made in Europe back in the 60's. Now based in Norfolk, Mardave continue to produce models for all generations of RC racer buy ambien online.