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G2 2010-20 20 turn

Base price £10.95
Sales price £10.95

IT'S hear just as you asked for it

 No label just printed on the can as you asked

The G2 is back and now 20 turn like the Saturn , but with more POWER 

G2 2010-20 Race motor for all classes of 1/12th Oval racing 

 Awaiting BRCA aporval for Nationals,  So please check with your club for use 



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Welcome to Mardave

Welcome to Mardave RC Racing, the UK's number one 12th Oval RC car manufacturer!
Originally from Leicester, UK, Mardave produced the first ever RC modal car kit made in Europe back in the 60's. Now based in Norfolk, Mardave continue to produce models for all generations of RC racer buy ambien online.