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CR194 - CORE RC -Servo 5KgVRX Oe Carbon King Pin Brace
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Etronix Pulse EX3GPro

The Etronix line of products has further expanded with the addition of the Pulse line of RC radio systems. These 2.4ghz systems are available in standard 2-channel or digital multi function 3-channel making them the ideal choice for for car and boat enthusiasts. And with some attractive pricing to boot they are sure to be popular with modellers running on a budget

Etronix Pulse EX3GPro Features:

2.4ghz Crystal Free
Digital Screen Programming
EPA End Point Adjustment
D/R Dual Rate
Steering Sub trim / Throttle Sub trim
Servo Reversing
EXP Exponential Steering Curve Adjustment
EXP Exponential Throttle Curve Adjustment
ABS Anti-Lock Brake System
15 Model Memory
SPD Steering Speed Adjustment
SPD Throttle Speed Adjustment
ATS Automatic Start Feature
BK-Mix Brake Mixing Function
Mix Channel Function
Throttle Hold
Timer Function
Servo Monitor
Charging Jack

Base price £64.99
Sales price £64.99


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