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CR199 - PACE 45 Brushles ESC 1s/2s

Base price £58.99
Sales price £58.99

CR199 - PACE 60R Brushless ESC 1S/2S PACE 60R Brushless ESC 1S/2S

The new Core RC Pace 60R Brushless Speed Control. Exclusively designed to suit 1s lipo running for single cell GT12-1/12th scale classes of racing but also perfectly capable of running with 2s batteries with motors 6.5T and higher.

Suitable for sensored or sensorless operation with Zero Timing ‘blinky’ mode. BRCA approved for 'Blinky' classes.

The Pace 60R requires no additional booster for 1s use, just plug and play!! BRCA Approval in process. Features -Enhanced throttle response, excellent acceleration, strong brakes and throttle linearity.

-Using optional programming card to program forward or reverse throttle limit.

-Using optional programming card to program braking percentage.

-Multiple protection features: Low voltage cut-off protection, over-heat protection, throttle signal loss protection and motor blocked protection.

-Compatible with most sensored brushless motors including; Speed Passion, Nosram, Thunder Power, Hobby Wing, GM, Novak, LRP, Orion and more.

-Zero Timing ‘Blinky’ Mode. Specification

-Supports 1-2s LiPos or 4-6 NiCd/NiMh Battery Packs.

-Forward/Brake with Reverse or Forward/Brake Options.

-Adjustable Low Voltage Cut-Off Protection.

-Easy Single Step Set Up System.

-Digital Program Card Available.

-Sensored or Sensorless Operation.

-Heatsink Included. -6.5 Motor Limit.

-BEC rated at 2A @ 6v. CR174 - Optional program card available to allow multiple adjustments including;

1. Cut-Off Voltage 1=2.6v/cell 2=2.8v/cell 3=3.0v/cell 4=3.2v/cell 5=3.4v/cell 6=No cut-off 2. Running Mode 1=Forward No Reverse 2=Forward With Pause Then Reverse 3=Forward With Reverse 3. Motor Timing 1=Factory set Zero ‘Blinky’ (Other options disabled) 4. Initial Acceleration




4=Very High

5. Throttle Percent Reverse 1=20% 2=30% 3=40% 4=50% 5=60% 6=70% 7=80% 8=90% 9=100%

6. Throttle Limit 1=0% 2=20% 3=30% 4=40% 5=50% 6=60%

7=70% 8=80% 9=90% 7. Percentage Braking 1=10% 2=20% 3=30% 4=40% 5=50% 6=60% 7=70% 8=80% 9=100%

8. Percentage Drag Brake 1=0% 2=4% 3=8% 4=12% 5=15% 6=20% 7=25% 8=30%

9. Motor Rotation 1=Normal 2=Reverse

10. Neutral Range 1=2% 2=3% 3=4% 4=5% 5=6% 6=10%


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