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VRX Oe Kit

V12 VRX Oe
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After years of development Mardave have re introduced the VRX Hot Rod kit. This is a striped back National Ultron Hot Rod and aimed at getting more drivers into the class.

It Comes complete with lots of high spec fetures as listed below. This Back to basics aproach and should help the club racer to be competive and then progress into the National Hot rod class.

This Kit is the only kit on the Market that is able to run in three classes. With  its specially designed chassis can be used in Hot Rod/1300/2ltr saloons classes.

2020 VRX Oe 

•The spec:

•GRP Chassis

•New Band location Lipo/nicad battery holder

•Std A-Arms fitment  

•Lexan Shell & Mask set & Wing

•V8a Rear Pod & Base  ** 

•Full Adjustable Bodyshell mount set front & Rear

•High spec Axle Bearing set

•En8  High grade rear Z Drive Axle  **

•Full Set of Trued & Glued wheels & Tyres

•New Grabber ball ends & Studs

•High strength track rod set & Kimbrough Servo saver 

  • Motor Screw set 
  • Pinion G15W

Options Avaiable ( these are the only legal Hot Hatch Series Options )

  • V20A Z Drive alloy adaptor
  • S1048Z 48 tooth Gear for Z Drive
  • V11BA  Alloy Drive stub
  • VRX5GRB Grp Base plate 
  • VRXG2P Lowering Motor Plate 
  • VRX5B New Mardave King Pin Brace 

Just add bumpers and you have a 1300 saloon (Parts number V15SS x 1 & V15R x 1)

Items required to complete 

Charger & Paint 

NOTE : Please advise me if this kit is to be run on the south coast as they have a slightly different spec kit to conform to there 2020 rules. 



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Welcome to Mardave RC Racing, the UK's number one 12th Oval RC car manufacturer!
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