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Castor Wedge 3.5 - 1 = 6 deg Castor

3.5 - 1 = 6 deg Castor
Base price £1.95
Sales price £1.95
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Mardave Ride Height and Castor wedge  

This great new tuning item for all models of mardave cars helps you adjust the front ride height. It also allowes you to add castor to your set up.

This is for the NEW 3.5 - 1 giving you 5 deg Castor  

Thesre is a full kit of spacers under another listing to give you 5 deg 6 deg castor and 7 deg

Example 4-1 will give you 7 deg castor and 3.5 -1 will give you 6 deg 3 - 1 5 deg 

Then if you increase equal nunber spacer it will  give ride height adjustment 

So 1-1 lowers car by 1mm 0.5 - 0.5 by half a mm etc etc 

These can be used on all Mardave cars and Kamtec/LargeIT models 

This is a Mardave produced Item 



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